The Best Thing and The Only Way


Before the day I saw you

I didn’t believe that love at first sight was true

You are so simple yet so beautiful

Serious yet so jolly and cool


We became friends easily

We talked to each other frequently

I was slowly falling in love with you

Although I didn’t know what to do


With you cheering for me

I could be the best that I can be

I would forever treasure that moment

Meeting you is a life-changing event


Hiding my feelings from you

May be the best thing to do

If that would make you stay

Then I think it is the only way


My Love for a Stranger


You came to my life as a stranger

I thought that all you would bring is danger

But that thought vanished when you smiled at me

I smiled back then I suddenly felt happy


We got along as days and months passed by

When I’m with you, time would really fly

Your words and presence make me strong

You make me feel that I really belong


You comfort me when I feel bad

You make me smile when I am sad

I am now slowly falling for you

I do not know what to do


I hope that you’ll stay here beside me

You’re the person I always want to see

I can’t imagine my life without you

I would do anything just to be with you