Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman

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“With great power comes great responsibility”

DAY 2 – Not feeling good since morning because of my severe cough. I hate it when the weather just keep on shifting. Rain, sun, rain, sun. Anyway, since I woke up, I was already thinking of a topic to blog. So many things kept on popping into my head I can not even decide what to put. But since I spent almost the whole day researching this specific topic, I’ll just share it to you guys.

Just before the Christmas vacation started, my Chemistry professor instructed us to report on a specific topic that has something to do with Chemistry, of course. He e-mailed us tons of topic to choose from. Special topics ranging from metallic glasses to biofouling, to ion-containing polymers and morphology of solar cells. There were even some topics about biomaterials for tissue engineering, medical applications of diamonds, lung regeneration and lots of other topics that would boggle your minds. I had a difficult time choosing among them, not because I know all of them, but because I just know a handful of them. And I knew those handful either because I saw them on t.v. or because I read them somewhere. I really had a hard time choosing a topic that would interest me, a topic that would encourage me to put some time into it. In the end, because of my fascination to Marvel characters, I chose the topic entitled, “Decoding the secrets of spider silk.” I guess you now know who my favorite Marvel character is. No? It’s Spider-Man, of course. He is my favorite since I was a kid because I was bedazzled by his powers, especially his ‘spider sense’. And the color and the design of his costume also  fascinates me. There. So I search for studies showing and explaining how spider silk could be utilized in a lot of things. I found about a dozen. Some discussing the strength, toughness and extensibility of a spider silk compared to other materials used these days. Some enumerating the possible uses of the spider silk in our daily lives. The website cited uses ranging from bulletproof vests to aircraft materials and even bridge cables. The site even mentioned that spider silk would, sooner or later, replace Kevlar and carbon fiber. But there is this certain website that captured my attention. Scientists that they interviewed said that some scenes in Spider-Man were based on reality and that fact and fiction could even be the same.  They somehow claimed that in the future, they might even replicate what happened to Peter Parker. Those webs and all, I think, that we saw in the movies.

I dunno, I don’t think that could happen in the near future. It might take a long time before they could discover the secrets of these spiders. Well, if they can then that would be awesome. You know, having a ‘super hero’ in our midst.

What d’ya think?


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