Think Before You Shoot


Photo Credit: SodaHead

Guns are bad, I tell you” – Eminem

DAY 3 – Oakland, Colorado, Wisconsin, Connecticut in America and Cavite in Philippines. Their similarities? A problematic, erratic, capricious (and some other words synonymous to problematic) gun-wielding man shooting anyone at will.

  • In Oakland, a man killed seven people and left three people injured in a Christian college.
  • In Denver, Colorado, a masked man entered a cinema showing the film “The Dark Knight Rises”, killed 12 people and injured 58 others.
  • In Wisconsin, a man entered a Sikh temple and killed six people.
  • In Connecticut, a 20 year old man broke into an elementary school and went on a shooting rampage. He killed 20 children and six adults.
  • In Cavite, Philippines, a suspected drunk drug addict went on a shooting spree killing at least 10 people and injuring 10 others. Using a .45 caliber handgun, he went outside his house, passed through a series of streets and ended up dead in the public market shooting at everyone he encountered. Among the victims were a 7 year old girl, a taho vendor, a tricycle driver, a pregnant woman and some other ordinary people doing their everyday chores.

These series of shooting incidents both here in the Philippines and abroad really bothered me and made me asked the question, “What could be done to prevent all these shootings?” Well aside from tightening up the security in the mentioned places, I think the obvious solution is to issue a total gun ban nationwide. Remove all the licenses issued and confiscate all kinds of guns, in markets, in houses and in offices. We could even remove the guns from the policemen’s hands. This is done in some other countries. For example, according to an article I read a few years ago, policemen in United Kingdom, except in Northern Ireland, were not issued firearms. Instead, they are given batons and tear gas to fend off demonstrators. In US, police officials in some states use tasers to bring down an alleged robber, for example.

Removing guns from the hands of the people might also reduce this specific problem in the Philippines, maybe even in other countries, every New Year, indiscriminate firing.  Many died because of these mindless people pointing their guns in the air, waving it to their desire before pulling the trigger, without even thinking of where that bullet would go. Just 2 days ago, a 7 year old girl, who was just watching the fireworks in front of their house in Caloocan in Philippines, died after suffering 8 cardiac arrests. What made her suffer then killed her in the end? A stray bullet that went into her head, through her brain before stopping just beneath her cheeks.

I hate it.

I hate what they are doing.

I hate them.

I mean, who wouldn’t hate that kind of people? It does not mean that when you have a gun you could just point and shoot it anywhere you like, does it? We must think of the consequences of every actions that we would do.

So I am calling to all those people who owns a gun, please be mindful of  what you’re gonna do with your gun. Having a gun does not mean that you have the power to threaten everyone, or to just shoot anywhere. Please think of what could happen before doing such actions.


  • In China, automobile manufacturers are preparing for another year of small growth in the demand of cars. Just like last year, single-digit growth of about 5-10% in automobile market is predicted by both local and foreign automakers in China. They are blaming this to the decrease in the demand of Japanese cars that started when boycotts of Japanese products erupted last year. These boycotts were sparked by the territorial dispute between China and Japan. – Automakers in…. on Yahoo
  • In America, after a year high at the first day of trading in 2013, stocks suddenly slowed down and ended up lower than the previous. The three major stock indices all went down. Both S&P 500 and Dow Jones went down by 0.2% while NASDAQ decreased by 0.4%. This happened right after the minutes of the Fed meeting were released. It was stated in the minutes that the Fed would start decreasing the purchase of bonds for 2013. – Stocks end lower…. on USA Today
  • In Philippines, the peso closed at 40.77 per dollar, another record high. It was almost 4 years when the peso reached this level. The Philippines’ stock index also continued to rise eclipsing the 5,900 level. It closed at 5,934.05, 1.25% higher than the previous. All of these were sparked by the signing of the ‘fiscal cliff’ deal in US. – PSE index cont…. on Yahoo

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