The People’s Champ


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“I was just doing my job in the ring and doing my best to make people happy” – Manny Pacquiao

DAY 5 – I was reading some news in the internet when I saw this article saying that Manny Pacquiao was showing signs of Parkinson’s disease, a disorder of the nervous system. Manny, of course, denied it and said, “I’m fit and OK.”

Manny Pacquiao started his boxing career as an amateur in Manila when he was just 14 years old. He entered this sport to support his mother and siblings back in General Santos City. At the age of 16, Pacquiao fought his first professional bout. He won via unanimous division against a Filipino opponent. He then would go on and win 10 more before going down on the third round of another fight against a Filipino. Manny’s second defeat and knockout would come after four years against a Thai boxer in 1999. He then would win 13 fights before losing again. Pacquiao was now world-renowned when he suffered his third loss in 44 bouts in the hands of Mexican boxer Erik Morales. Manny Pacquiao would then win another 15 fights before losing his last two. The latest against his ‘rival’, Juan Manuel Marquez via a 6th round KO that shook not only Pacquiao, but also the whole world.

Some fans say that Manny should retire now before something bad happen to him. Some say he should fight once more against Marquez. Some say he has nothing to prove anymore. Some say he needs to prove that he is still the Pound-for-Pound King.  Some say he should fight Marquez, defeat him, then fight Floyd Mayweather to end the speculations once and for all.

Manny just turned 34 last December. Here comes me again saying that he is not getting younger each day but it’s true. Unlike what I said about basketball players on my last entry, boxers who are past their prime would have this increasing risk for their lives because of getting hit in the head thousands of times. Aside from Parkinson’s disease, there is this disease that almost have the same symptoms and boxers are its usual victims. It is called Dementia Pugilistica or just dementia. It is a common disease among boxers because it is usually caused by repeated blows to the head that could cause multiple concussions. Same as Parkinson’s, boxers suffering from dementia may have speech and motor problems.

Manny Pacquiao, just like all the other boxers, is not safe from these diseases may it be Parkinson’s or dementia. No matter how healthy their bodies are or how intense their conditioning is as long as they are there on the ring, fighting and punching each other, they are not safe.

So I think this decision would rest on Manny’s conscience. Would he be willing to sacrifice his life to earn more money, more respect, more pride? Or would he remove those gloves, return to his family and enjoy the rest of his life with them.

For me, as a ‘kababayan’, I think Manny should stop now. Money is not important to him anymore. And in contrary to what his critics say, I think Manny does not have anything to prove to us anymore. He already showed us how great he is and I think those 54 wins could prove it.


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