Starting The Year Right


“Trying then failing is better than failing to try”

DAY 1 – I think It was almost two years ago when I told myself that I would start writing a blog as my New Year’s Resolution. This resolution, along with some of my past New Year’s Resolutions, has long been forgotten. I could not think of any valid reason for my failure in fulfilling these New Year’s Resolutions especially my commitment in starting a blog. All I could think of are excuses – lack of time, fear of failure, scarcity of inspiration, shortage of ideas and many more minor ones. But during those two years I managed to overcome three of those – lack of time, scarcity of inspiration and shortage of ideas. Lack of time was easy, all I need was discipline in managing my time. The second and the third one weren’t that hard also. Now that I am in my second year in college, I think it wouldn’t be too hard to think of a fresh idea (i hope so). For my inspiration, my family has been here beside me for the longest time. The “other” inspiration is what I am looking for. I think, I repeat, I think I found her. Although I’m not that sure because I knew her for about six to seven years now and yet this feeling kept on doing this cycle of appearing and disappearing. It’s so mind-boggling, if you know what I mean.

Moving on, one thing that I couldn’t overcome is my fear of failing. I admit it, for the past few years I have been afraid of failing, the feeling of not satisfying what others expect me to do or to achieve. Connected to that, I was also not accustomed of writing a blog or posting my written works in public because I was afraid of receiving negative criticisms from people I do not know. I am more comfortable when someone I know is the one who would give these criticisms. It’s just not right for me whenever someone I do not know comment on something I did. So I asked myself last night, “Would I let this habit continue for more years or would I change it and be a better person?” and “Why am I afraid of failing? What is wrong with it?” Then I realized, if I wouldn’t be open to criticisms from people I do not know, how would I improve? How would I correct my mistakes?  So I told myself that night that starting today I would write my own blog.

Tadaaa! Here it is. The first fruit of the brainstorming I did last night.

Even though I haven’t decided on what specific topic I would anchor my posts, I promised myself, before starting this blog, that I would make this a “weekly” kind of blog, or maybe a “daily” one if I’m not too busy. I would also try to post a major or pivotal economic event, if I find one, at the end of every post. I dunno, maybe just to put a reason for my site’s title. LOL.

Happy New Year! (better late than never) May you guys have a prosperous year ahead!


  • In America, the U.S. Congress finally came up with a deal that could avert the “fiscal cliff” that the Americans are facing. The proposed budget cut would reach $109 billion dollars and the richest two percent of America’s population would face higher taxes starting this year. – US Congress agrees…. on Yahoo
  • In Philippines, the increased prices of tobacco and liquor, indicated in the “Sin Tax” bill approved last year, were implemented by most stores nationwide yesterday. This increase in prices aims for an increase of about 33 billion pesos in the country’s budget for the first year. – Philippines ‘sin tax’…. on Yahoo