Hidden Identity


It’s been a week since I last posted an entry on my blog. School stuff totally consumed me these past few days.

I promise to write an entry (that would not be a poem) maybe 2-3 days from now. I’ll just let these schoolworks pass and then I could go back to blogging.

For the mean time, enjoy this poem, written two years ago, that I randomly chose from my small collection of old poems.

I thought that you’ll save me from this darkness

But you just worsen my sadness

I didn’t know your true identity

Until you ignored me and left suddenly


I thought that you’re the one for me

I thought that you’ll complete me

But first impressions never last

Because everything changes so fast


It looks like nothing had happened between us

I sacrificed everything for both of us

I do not know what to do anymore

My eyes and heart feel very sore


The pain that I’m experiencing

Is it the consequence of loving? 

I can’t stop thinking about you

Maybe because I still have some feelings for you




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