You Are My Light

DAY 6 – I wasn’t able to think of a topic for my blog entry today because I have been so busy the whole day with my school works that are due this week so I’ll just post a poem that I wrote for ‘someone’ four years ago.

Back then I used to write poems that would rhyme and this is an example. It’s cheesy but I still hope you guys would enjoy reading it.


When darkness and sadness surround me

I can’t be who I wanted to be

My view is always shrouded

The path to my goal is always obstructed


When everything was lost and gone

When loneliness sucked out all the fun

You came and shone upon me your light

Light that inspired me and pushed me to fight


Being with you removes all the sadness

Looking at you gives me so much happiness

Your eyes calm the raging sea inside me

You’re the person who I always wanted to see


Please don’t leave me in this darkness

I do not want to feel a little less

Hold my hand and look at me

I just want to say how important you are to me


One comment on “You Are My Light

  1. In love ka na tlga Bok XD

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